Our Mission Statement

To deliver superior investment performance by consistently taking a long-term view and fully integrating sustainability research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis. Delivering outstanding investment results will also achieve our goal of providing superior investment performance and advice to our clients. To create long-term client partnerships by delivering unique investment insights and exceptional client service. To attract, retain and develop the best professionals within a passionate investment culture and with whom we share a commitment to Our Values.

Our Values

Committment to Clients

We are committed to providing exceptional client service — above all by delivering superior long-term performance — and by ensuring that our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients, investors, and business partners.


Integrity and honesty form the bedrock of our business. We expect the highest ethical standards in our work and personal lives.

Excellence and Innovation

We aim for excellence in all that we do, and ensure that our investment processes encourage rigorous research, curiosity and continuous learning. We believe interdisciplinary, diverse teams are the most likely to yield new insights and produce the best results for our clients over the long-term.


We consider each of the women and men with whom we work as individuals entitled to respect and dignity, and we recognize and reward their contributions on the basis of merit.


Effective communication is critical to teamwork and to our relationships. We encourage and especially value hearing different viewpoints and respectful challenges to consensus opinions.


Diversity, in the broadest sense, helps drive our success. A welcoming work environment, where individuals can bring the totality of their experience and perspectives, is an invaluable contributor to greater economic success.

Sustainability Research

Our investment philosophy, which integrates sustainability research with traditional financial analysis, affords us the highest opportunity to deliver outstanding investment results.


We have chosen an independent broad-based employee-owned partnership as an enduring business model. Similarly, we are committed to remaining a boutique investment firm focused on continual improvement in our performance.