Q Investments

The Q Global Trust is an exclusive boutique investment and consulting group that offers investors both large and small access to highly selective and vetted investment opportunities that typically are not made available to the general public.

We invest in all industries and are able to provide $500,000 to $10 million customized growth capital solutions to companies nationwide in need of equity and/or are in debt. The firm uses private equity, bank, and Wall Street relationships to fund its deals. We prefer to team with existing management and provide attractive performance based equity incentives for the key members of the management team.

The Q Global Trust was created by industry executives and experienced investors who place a high value on their relationships with management teams. Our goal is to help companies grow not only by supplying capital, but also by offering business owners our experience and network contacts obtained while operating our own businesses. Unlike other lenders and investors, we know what it takes to operate and grow a business. We understand that many times fundraising can be a distraction to business operations. For that reason, we work hard to make the diligence and closing process both fast and fair. A great deal for us is one where borrower is motivated to help grow the company.