Services Offered

Asset Allocation - Strategic and Tactical

Industry research and our experience prove that the asset allocation decisions have the greatest impact on a portfolio's long-term return and risk profile. We embrace this important concept by performing asset allocation studies and continually evaluating and enhancing our methodology.

Plan Governance

We assist plan sponsors with developing and implementing appropriate governance policies and structures. This involves performing fiduciary audits, conducting industry wide surveys as well as assisting clients in determining the optimal governance structure, communication and reporting lines and roles and responsibilities for the various plan fiduciaries (i.e., staff, investment committees, Board trustees, investment managers, consultants, etc.).

Performance Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

Performance measurement, analysis and reporting are an integral part of our consulting process in that we view this function as the means for determining the success of our clients' and our decision making and whether investment objectives are being met sufficiently.

Organizational Improvement

In order to manage more effectively in this difficult economic environment, executives across the nation are exploring a broad range of strategies to operate more efficiently. Successful strategies can range from top-to-bottom reviews, to specialized analyses of emerging models for shared services, and interdisciplinary cooperation. Our preference is to retain existing management and provide considerable operating autonomy. We typically team with key managers and provide attractive equity incentive programs based on performance. If necessary, we will assume management responsibility or supplement the team from our management resources.

Q Global Trust provides actionable advice to help our clients capture these opportunities, bringing to bear our best-practice experience in the budget, workforce, debt, and governance issues critical to successful organizational change. Along with comprehensive organizational and efficiency reviews, Q Global Trust also offers specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Reorganization, Staffing Analysis, and Shared Services
  • Program Evaluation and Impact Analysis
Fiscal Recovery and Budgeting

Especially today, as companies large and small struggle with a host of economic and structural budget challenges, the “bottom line” focus of the services we offer can help to maximize available resources, contain growing cost pressures, and provide a sound, quantitative framework for making critical – and increasingly difficult – budget decisions.

The companies we have assisted with fiscal recovery and budgeting issues feature a diverse range of economic bases, number of employees, and governance constraints. What they all had in common when hiring us was the desire to achieve sustainable, structural balance. We have assisted these clients in the following areas:

  • Multi-Year financial Plans
  • Budget development
  • Financial Policies and best practices
  • Fee & Cost recovery Studies