Transactions listed below have been completed by principals of the group as the primary borrower or lender.

Recent Sales or Purchases

  • $8,803,788Recent sale of group’s ownership of Telecommunications Company.
  • $12,600,000Sale of Real Estate Holdings.
  • $29,700,000Sale of Real Estate Holdings.
  • $32,000,000Sale of Real Estate Holdings.
  • $112,000,000Purchase of ACLF units in Delray Beach Florida and Naples Florida.

Bank Transactions (as borrower for own account or funding participation of investment)

  • $1,200,000Sterling Bank &Trust (Real Estate).
  • $1,800,000American National Bank (Telecommunications).
  • $2,014,000Regions Bank (Real Estate).
  • $2,400,000Stonegate Bank (Telecommunications).
  • $4,200,000Florida Capital Bank (Real Estate Assembly and Consolidation).
  • $6,850,000Fidelity Federal (Residential Real Estate).
  • $12,400,000Fidelity Federal (Residential Real Estate).
  • $23,618,000GMAC/CapMark (Commercial Real Estate).
  • $27,819,000GMAC/CapMark (Commercial Real Estate).
  • $38,000,000Sun American Bank- participation (Real Estate).
  • $38,500,000 CapMark – Included 3 pieces, primary, mezz, equity (Commercial Real Estate).

Equity/Investment Loans

  • $400,000Mezzanine Loan (Commercial Real Estate).
  • $500,000Risk Capital Seed Investment (Telecommunications).
  • $900,000Equity Investment (Telecommunications).
  • $2,400,000Mezzanine Loan (Real Estate).
  • $3,800,00034 individual investment loans ($100k to $200k each).
  • $4,500,000Risk Capital Seed Investment (Golf Course).

Wall Street Investment Loans (as borrower)

  • $18,500,000Investment Loan (Golf Course Subdivision).
  • $47,500,000Starwood Capital (Commercial Real Estate).
  • $64,500,000Starwood Capital (Commercial Real Estate).

Municipal Bond Issues (TIFF)

  • $4,200,000Municipal Bond Issue (Subdivision Infrastructure and Golf Course).